Michelle A. Merino
I see my work as it relates to the field of graphic design as a series of perceptive visual experimentations, driven by the intent to change the human acceptance of what exists in order to visually frame what can be.

Andy Borowitz Promotional Event

A poster and ad for a lecture presented by The Commons at the University of Kansas by the noted political satirist, Andy Borowitz. 

With the themes of Borowitz’s work being centered on topics such as freedom of speech, parody, news, and media, the poster and ad suggest a satirical play on the concepts of propaganda, corruption, and politics, shown through a Russian constructivist style of typography and dada-inspired collaged imagery.

The concepts of the poster and ad are embodied through the treatment of images, displaying the political candidates in a grainy black and white texture and red cut-outs hiding their eyes. The style and orientation of images intends to remove the personal connection between the audience and imagery, ultimately representing the disconnect amongst politicians and American citizens during the presidential campaign.

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andy borowitz web layouts5.jpg
andy borowitz web layouts4.2.jpg